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Fujita SMK9100 Massage Chair Review

Fujita SMK9100 Massage Chair Review

Fujita SMK9100 Massage Chair
Fujita SMK9100 Massage Chair

The Fujita brand of massage chairs is a well-known one as being the producer of excellent quality and feature packed chairs. When you want to extinguish the pain and tension stored in muscles and need an intense and effective all over body massage, you should really check out the Fujita massage chairs. This in depth Fujita smk9100 review looks at the features of the smk9100 model of massage chair from Fujita, so continue reading to discover just what makes this chair one of the best of its kind. Packed with amazing features, this chair is sure to impress anyone who tries it.

Adjustable armrest

The Fujita smk9100 has an automatic adjust ability, so whoever sits in the chair will find that this massage chair gently alters its massage cushions to ensure a snug fit. The armrests actually adjust to the user’s arm size with the use of sensors throughout the armrests.

Body Scanning Feature

Body scanning is a great feature that is still relatively new to the massage chair market. The Fujita smk9100 incorporates this technology into its design. Because every body has it’s own unique proportion, shape and weight, body scanning allows the chair to use sensors, similar to those in the armrest to adjust the cushions to fit closely to the user. When the massage features are at work, the body-scanning feature ensures that the massage feels as close to realistic as possible.

All the Parts Move in Perfect Synchronicity

If you recline a chair and the whole chair simply tilts back, you will find yourself in quite an uncomfortable position, which is why the Fujita smk9100 massage chair features movement synchronization. With this, the arms of the chair move along with the rest of the chair to ensure that you remain as comfortable as possible, whichever position you decide to set the chair to.

Pre-Programmed Functions

The Fujita smk9100 massage chair offers a versatile range of 8 pre-programmed massage functions. Because there is so much choice when it comes to setting the program for the massage on this chair, you can be sure to find the program that will work best to relieve you of all tension and stress. By altering the strength and intensity of your massage, you will be able to have a relaxing and fully customized experience.

High Tech Design

To operate the massage function, a powerful system with 13 different motors is employed. These motors are manufactured with the best quality parts and are proven to stand up to the test of time when it comes to being exposed to particularly long and intense sessions of massage or frequent usage. In order to remove all the tension and stress from your body, you need a system like the Fujita smk9100’s massaging airbags. These airbags follow the shape of your body and feel like a genuine massage as they work to soothe, relax and heal your body.

Music Therapy

It has been a long known fact that music is very therapeutic in relieving stress, not to mention the natural healing properties it can bring by the hormones that it helps to release into the brain. The Fujita smk9100 is one of the few massage chairs to consider this feature. The speakers in the Fujita smk9100 can be plugged into most music devices and provide the user with a soothing and relaxing music delivery method.

Roller System

There are a series of rollers built into the massaging cushions in the Fujita smk9100 massage chair. They are responsible for the fluid and human like rolling sensation that gently massages the user’s muscles and the rollers on the Fujita smk9100 chair expand and contract to give a deeper massage and complete tension release as they massage.

Muscle Stretch

The Fujita smk9100 is one of the first massage chairs to offer its user an all over muscle stretching function. This function helps loosen the muscles; especially those in the upper body and you will notice how effectively the chair removes the tension from your muscles.


Acupressure is an unusual feature to find in massage chairs, and is the sign of an excellent massage chair. The Fujita smk9100 features 350 acupressure points that are intelligently detected in your body by the chair as you sit in it. The Fujita smk9100 can then create a personalized program for you, where the chair focuses on your tightest muscles and those that need the most attention.


  • Acupressure function
  • Body stretch function
  • Unique roller system that massages the whole body
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Music therapy
  • An advanced airbag system
  • 13 motors
  • 8 programs
  • Movement synchronization


  • With so many features, this chair can take a little getting used to, but if you persevere with it, you can enjoy a deep and personalized massage that is sure to give you a professional quality of massage as often as you need it.


As this Fujita smk9100 review has explained, there are many features that this massage chair has to offer, and it could take the user a little while to get used to the chair because of the complexity of the possibilities of this chair. It’s important to persevere however with the Fujita smk9100 massage chair as the acupressure feature as well as the advanced airbag and roller system can provide one of the deepest massages around and the intelligent body scanning that this chair performs ensures that you get a customized massage that suits your own personal needs.

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