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Titan Ti-7700 Massage Chair Review

Titan Ti-7700 Massage Chair Review

Titan Ti-7700 Massage Chair
Titan Ti-7700 Massage Chair

One of the popular chairs from the Titan brand is the Ti-7700 model. It is designed with the latest advances in the Titan chair technology. It features zero gravity positioning, out shoulder massage, multiple massage settings, and more. This massage chair will provide great relaxation and relief of stress. It offers full body massage, working on all the areas from outer shoulders to feet and calves. You can use the chair to just get some relaxation after a hard day at work or as physical therapy treatment.

The Titan Ti-7700 combines a good cost, high quality, and multiple features and settings to provide you with the best massage possible for your specific needs or preference. To learn more details about the features it offers, as well as its other benefits and drawbacks, continue reading this Titan Ti-7700 massage chair review.

Zero Gravity

The Titan Ti-7700 comes with an integrated zero gravity feature. It’s designed to provide maximum relaxation and body rejuvenation during the massage. This feature reclines the body and offers to the options to either position the legs at or above the heart level. The benefits of this position include relief of back pain, reduction of the strain on the heart, decrease of muscle tensions, increase of circulation, and enlargement of the lung capacity.

Massage Types

This Titan massage chair offers 6 different massage styles. They include kneading and tapping, kneading, shiatsu, tapping, punching, and palm.

Preset Programs

In addition to the style of the massage, you can just select a preset program, among the five available there are Comfort, Relax, Stretch, Healthcare, and Air. The Titan Ti-7700 provides air massage and for each of the preset programs you can also select a certain level of intensity. There are 5 different range settings that you can adjust to suit your preference.

Relaxation for Different Body Areas

  • Outer shoulder massage.
    On both sides of the chair it is equipped with a set of air bags that are attached to the outer edges. These air bags work on the outers shoulder area providing kneading and squeezing style massage.
  • Arm massage. The armrests of the chair are equipped with 8 air bags, with 4 on each side. The provide deep massage for the wrists and forearms. The air bags are carefully positioned in order to provide pressure points in the arms, maximizing the deep stimulation. The air bags work by inflating and deflating applying pressure on both top and bottom of the forearms. The action of the air bags mimics the hands squeezing the arms

  • Feet and calves massage.
    A total of 16 air bags are located in the feet and calves region. Each air bag has a unique placement with the thought of all the vital points in mind. The inflating and deflating action, just like with the arm and outer shoulder massage, provides a squeezing effect. There are different levels of intensity available for the air bag massage. To change the settings you can conveniently use the included remote control.
  • Hip and seat vibration. The Titan Ti-7700 also has air bags integrated along the outer edges of the hip area. They compress inwards, squeezing the high area. Additionally, the seat area features a vibration plate, so you can also enjoy a soothing vibration massage for the back of the thighs.
  • Lumbar heat. The backrest of the chair is equipped with 2 Lumbar heaters. It provides a soothing heat for the lower lumbar area.

Remote Control

The Titan Ti-7700 comes with a compact remote control, which is a good update from the previous bulky remote controls from the brand. Now it’s more comfortable and easier to use when adjusting the settings. Though compact, it still has a good sized LCD screen that is easy to view and navigate. The controls are easy to read and simple to understand.


  • 6 different massage styles, as well as 5 pre-set programs, means this massage chair offers great customizability for different needs and different massage preferences.
  • Soothing massage for back, shoulders, lumbar area, hips, feet and calves.
  • Includes a handy and easy to use remote control.
  • Zero gravity feature that provides a more deep massage.
  • This model is available in 2 shades: black and cream. So you can choose the color the best suits your home décor or your preference.


  • The only drawback of this chair that is worth nothing is its weight. Weighing at 181 pounds, it is difficult to move it around, especially for a single person.


The Bottom Line

All the benefits and advanced features that the Titan Ti-7700 Massage Chair provides make this chair one of the best massage chairs available on the market today. For all its value, it is available for a reasonable price. This massage chair is a great investment option for people who want to get the maximum value for their purchase with the matching quality and practicality. I hope that this Titan Ti-7700 massage chair review has been helpful for you.

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