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Titan Ti-7800 Massage Chair Reviews

Titan Ti-7800 Massage Chair Reviews

Titan Ti-7800 Massage Chair Reviews

Titan Ti-7800 Massage Chair
Titan Ti-7800 Massage Chair

The titan ti-7800 massage chair is a popular chair as it offers some unusual features that many other chairs don’t, such as a head massager and arm bags to massage the forearms and wrists.  As you’ll find out in this titan ti-7800 review, this chair enables you to customize your massage experience as much as possible whilst offering you all the features that you’d expect from a high-end chair.  This is an affordable option and once you’ve finished reading, you’ll probably want to try one out for yourself.  You can save money at the spa in the long term by owning a massage chair at home, so why not find out just what the titan ti-7800 massage chair could offer you.

Zero Gravity Massage

The titan ti-7800 massage chair features a zero gravity massage position.  This is a position that has been scientifically proven to be the best possible posture for you as you are receiving a massage.  The spine is opened up and relaxed as the knees are bent up slightly to above the level of the heart.  This gives a feeling of weightlessness and as no weight is placed on the spine, it is a very comfortable position to be in.


Whilst Titan is a good brand, it is not as well known as some other brands out there, and as such, their massage chairs do tend to come with less of a mark-up.  The titan ti-7800 massage chair is affordable and has a very good price tag when you consider all the features that it has to offer.

Massage Programs

Whilst some massage chairs are fairly limited when it comes to preprogramed massage sequences, the titan ti-7800 massage chair offers its user 4 different pre-programmed settings.  These 4 programs feature human motions such as Kneading, Tapping, Kneading with Tapping, Shiatsu, Palm and Punching.  You can also customize your massage further by altering the intensity of the massage in both strength and speed.

Head Massage

One of the more unusual features of the titan ti-7800 massage chair is its ability to offer a head massage.  An airbag band around the head gently compresses and squeezes in order to emulate the sensation of having a real head massage performed by a human.

Arm Massage Feature

Some massage chairs skip out the arm massagers, which is a shame as the arms are exposed to a lot of stress through lifting things and through modern careers that command the use of computers and machinery.  The titan ti-7800 massage chair features 2 separate arm massagers, each equipped with 4 airbags.  The wrists and the forearms are concentrated on the most.

Foot and Leg Massage

The titan ti-7800 massage chair has a whopping 16 airbags in the foot and calf area of the chair.  You can enjoy a full massage with the help of these, as they are placed in the best possible position for an effective massage to really concentrate on the most problematic areas of the legs and lower body.


The titan ti-7800 massage chair looks great, and you can choose from 4 different designs.  With so much choice, this stylish and sleek massage chair is likely to make a good addition to any living room to provide the ultimate comfort to the user.


Titan offers an impressive 3-year warranty on this chair, as the manufacturer is so sure of the quality of their titan ti-7800 massage chair.  As most other chairs on the market today only come with a standard 12 month warranty, Titan really is showing it’s confidence offering three times the standard warranty, which means the customer has yet another great reason to choose this chair over others.


  • 4 Pre-Programmed settings
  • 6 life like massage motions
  • Head massage feature
  • Arm massage feature
  • Foot and calf massage feature
  • Choice of 4 designs
  • 3 year warranty


  • 4 pre-programmed settings is a couple fewer settings than other chairs, although these can be customised slightly by the user
  • This massage chair is a little on the weightier side too as it has so many additional features.  You should be careful when receiving this chair and moving it into the room where you wish to keep it.


This titan ti-7800 review has proven that this chair has a lot of great features to entice any user.  The added bonus of having a head massage function gives an added advantage to the fact that this chair also has massaging arm rests and a foot and calf massager with airbags placed especially to give as full a massage as possible.  4 designs to choose from gives the user a good choice when it comes to matching the titan ti-7800 massage chair to any existing furniture and the 3-year warranty is just what you need for that added peace of mind.


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